Call for help from Fashioning Circuits

By Amy Pickup    24 Feb 2012

Hello ladies of the Fashioning Circuits class at UTD - I need your help!


I’m working on my capstone this semester and need some woman power. I’m conducting a workshop for girls that teaches how to use the LilyPad Arduino, a micro-controller designed by Leah Buechley at MIT. I plan to research the LilyPad, develop a workshop, plan the event and execute. You can find out more about the background and plan for this project on the etiquette MISSION CONTROL page above.

lilypad arduino

I love the rapid prototyping aspect of the Arduino - I posted a video of some girls working with one and hopefully this can be a bit inspiring. I’m imagining the final workshop being a bit like this, but times 5, or maybe even 10.



In your research, I know you’ve seen some of the amazing work with technology that women have done - these girls need to see that too. I need tech-savvy, artistic women like you to help guide the girls through an Arduino based lesson the day of the workshop.


Not familiar with the Arduino? In exchange for your help I’d like to host a more grown-up tinker day for those volunteering. This would ideally be a day in which I would offer my ‘expertise’ in answering any sewing, circuiting, or coding questions you may have. This would be somewhat like a mid-term for me and you might just get your Fashioning Circuits textile project done along the way.

Last semester, for the first Fashioning Circuits textile project, I followed the LilyPad Wrist Band POV instructable to make a LED wristband that displayed text through a trick of the eye. It turned out pretty cool and was a really satisfying project to make, kind of like the one below.

led pov

I documented that workshop on the Fashioning Circuits blog and while I’m not sure what kind of projects you have in mind; there are a ton of ideas out there to build off of. The feeling you get when those lights blink for the first time is next to priceless. I’m pretty passionate about this and I hope you’ll consider working with me. Thank you for your time.