First LilyPad Arduino Workshop

By Amy Pickup    15 Mar 2012

Join Ettiquette for our first LilyPad Arduino Workshop at 7:00pm on April 5th. Students will light up LEDs by learning the basics of sewing, circuit theory and coding with the LilyPad Arduino. Join the women of Fashioning Circuits and other UTD students as we work through the world of LilyPad Arduino. Feel free to invite anyone else who may be interested.

This workshop will be held at the UTD Mobile Lab in the ATEC Building.

Materials Needed:

  1. LilyPad Arduino
  2. LEDs - you can use LilyPad LEDs or normal LEDs and resistors
  3. Conductive Thread, the 60 foot bobbin should do for now
  4. sewing needles
  5. FTDI Breakout to connect the LilyPad to your computer
  6. Fabric (could be a bag or t-shirt or hat etc, should not be a loosely woven fabric)
  7. Computer installed with the Arduino IDE, there are lots of examples
  8. (Optional) An embroidery hoop can help when stitching if you’re sewing on fabric