Electronic Fashion Camp - Day Three

By Amy Pickup    02 Aug 2012

Today is the last day of our first ever Electronic Fashion Camp. Volunteers and participants are working together to put finishing touches on their amazing projects. Our focus today is around a core component of the Arduino community: open source. Meagan Dahl is speaking about open source communities and then we’re learning about the US Patent System from one of our favorite engineers, Julie Strickland. She goes over flex circuits, interconnect and connectors in her talk detailing her journey of taking an idea from “being labeled ‘crazy’ to ‘patent pending.’”

meg and julie teaching

Meagan Dahl (left) describes the benefits of an open source community. Julie Strickland (right) emphasizes the importance of “getting a second opinion.” The girls are doing a great job both designing and building their very own LilyPad Arduino projects.